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My Fabric FriendsMaking Quilting Affordable Again

Sit with us and visit a spell!

Let me introduce myself,  I am Connie, the Longarm Quilter.  In July of 2020, I started stocking backing for my longarm clients in a few short months it has blossomed.  My husband, Rodney, my rock has given so much encouragement through this huge transformation from me being a quilter to operating an on-line fabric store.  He has started doing the majority of the quilt top piecing.  He sews better than me I have to admit.  Justin, our son has his first Juki industrial machine arriving any day.  He will be making service dog vests, collars, leashes along with men's tactical belts, wallets and holsters.  His lovely wife, Brandy, is our on-staff photographer and is dragging me by my hair into the electronic age.  Our granddaughter Serenity, knows where I put things when I misplace them.  My Aunt Elsie is my advisor, having her in my life is like having attended a four year college, so she says.  My best Fabric Friend, Brenda, is the one I can rely on when everything gets a bit overwhelming.  She helps keep me focused and on task.  She can do anything I ask except cut fabric, I had to take her scissors away.  I have to include our dog, Roo, who is both our doorbell and my personal security guard.  Alexa is our Virtual Assistant and Violet the Ishark, keeps the floor free of all the thread that mysteriously drops from our sewing and cutting tables.